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What to expect:


  • Starter amounts of washing up liquid, soap, loo paper etc.



    • Bed linen, fresh for each let and changed weekly for long lets

    • Plenty of tea towels. Bath towels (NOT beach towels).

    • Hand towels, one for each per person .


  • TELEPHONE: There is no landline at the house, therefore it is best to bring a mobile. 


  • WIFI is available free of charge. Please note that due to the nature of the building and the area, signal can sometimes be either weak or unavailable at the farmhouse kitchen end of the house.


  • AGA - The AGA soon becomes the heart of the house, and you will often find children (and adults!) huddled round it after cold walks in the winter! The AGA is oil-fired and is much easier to cook on than you might think if you'd like to give it a go.  The kitchen has recently been fully renovated and don't worry there is the built in oven and hob if you'd rather not use the AGA or if the AGA is off for the summer.

    • Top left plate is boiling hot

    • Top right plate is for simmering

    • Top oven is hot for roasting

    • Bottom oven is for simmering

    • Leaving the top plates open reduces the oven temperature. Keep the lids and oven doors shut when not in use to keep the temperature up

    • DO NOT CHANGE THE AGA SETTINGS.  The AGA is not like a conventional oven and should not be switched off or adjusted by guests as it needs an AGA technician to relight it.  This will also avoid any issues with hot water and heating on that side of the house, particularly in cold weather.

    • PLEASE NOTE:  the AGA is often switched off in the summer when the weather is too hot.  This is for the comfort of our guests.  In these instances there is an immersion heater located in the small room above the kitchen which provides hot water for the kitchen and the bathroom at that end of the house.  Instructions are available at the house.


  • HEATING. Heating is included.  Please be mindful to save energy and turn the thermostats down when you leave the house.  Individual radiator thermostats control the rooms but there is an overriding thermostat just inside the hallway. Best setting is 20 by day and 15 by night. Similarly in the Dairy Cottage there is a thermostat in the sitting room best setting is 20 by day and 15 by night.


  • OPEN FIRE in the Farmhouse sitting room. Its use is permitted with wood only not coal. Plenty of logs in the lobby with more outside by the drive. Please position the fireguard when you go out or retire for the night. The fire basket needs to be at the very back of the hearth or smoke gets into the room. The stove in the Farmhouse dining room must not be lit, as the chimney is out of order.





    • Glass and plastic bottles, paper/cardboard/tetrapak and tins, go into the burgundy bins. All other waste including all plastic, eg marge tubs bags and wrappings, go into the large black bin. Leftover bread etc can be fed to the ducks and geese.

    • The large black general waste bin is collected every second Monday. The burgundy recycling bins are collected every other second Monday.  Bins will only be collected if rolled to the gate by the road, collection about 10.30 am.  Our lovely handyman/gardener Andy is on hand on Monday to help you should you forget.


  • LOOS. Tenants are advised not to put pads, towels etc down the loo but bag and bin instead.


  • DOORS. If outside doors are left open please secure with latches as provided. The barn doors must be secured when open or closed to prevent wind damage





    • DOCTOR: Dr. Nicholls and Partners, Witterings Health Centre, Cakeham Rd.( Main shopping street) East Wittering. 01243 673434. Access from car park rear of Tesco.  If out of hours you will be redirected through to St Richards Hospital GP Service which has been found to be excellent.

    • A First Aid Box is in each kitchen.

    • The NHS direct number is now 111 free from landlines and mobiles

    • ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY HOSPITAL. St RICHARD'S.  Easy to find; Spitalfields, North East Chichester 01243 788122


  • DENTIST: Dr J Harris and Associates, Ingol Cottage, Cakeham Rd. East Wittering. 01243 672362


  • VET: Alphapet. Northleigh Farm Main Rd. Birdham 01243 513514 GARAGE. GMH Autos Northleigh Farm Main Rd. Birdham 01243 511131 Sidlesham Garage Lockgate Road Sidlesham Common 01243 641391


  • GARAGE:  A1 Autocare mobile maintenance Dan Aylen 07776003037

  • FLORIST TIDE BUNCHES 19 The Parade, East Wittering, 01243 670094 


  • BABY SITTER:  Local recommended agency:  “Little Steps” Janina Francis 07834 717553 or 01243 812207



    • The nearest supermarket (mini really) is the Spar at Birdham a mile and a half from the house. Out of the gate turn right, left onto the A286 towards the Witterings and its just before the roundabout and petrol station on the right. For fresh local fruit and farm produce try the Cherry Tree Farm Shop in Bracklesham Lane PO20 8JF Toby 07842 789004 will deliver your order.

    • TESCO and SAINSBURYS at either end of the A27 Chichester bypass Tesco at the Western end of the Chichester bypass (Fishbourne0 0845 677 9149) and Sainsbury at the Eastern end (01243 775 721). Waitrose in central Chichester by railway station. Tesco, Ocado (Waitrose) and Sainsbury’s will deliver a ‘phoned or online order to the house.

    • There is a full range of shops and banks in East Wittering. Turn left out of the gate then once in Bracklesham turn right. COOP, Tesco Xpress plus a good fishmonger, fantastic butcher and delicatessen, and wonderful greengrocer's and two fish and chip shops. For fresh fish try also the fish hut at the end of Shore road

    • LOCAL FARMSHOP Cherry Tree Farm Shop Bracklesham Lane PO20 8JF run by Toby and his family. Orders delivered. 07842789004


  • CATERERS You are welcome to bring in outside caterers for a buffet or dinner party. Suggested caterers who have been recommended to us include:

    • Debbie Green and Juliet Graham tel. 01243 574952 hello@mesdamesgreenandgraham Have catered frequently at Poplars. Will even offer a full catering service for the duration of your stay.

    • Sharon Jeffries , Contact by E Mail sharon@chichestercaterers.com or ring 07784 775532 and see http://www.chichestercaterers.com She does lunch and dinner parties. Has catered previously at Poplars

    • Proudfood - Lorraine Proud and Christine WhitmoreBuffets and dinner parties. Know the house well.  01798 861349 07801 437275 www.proudfood.co

    • Joyce Walker 01243 603388 Buffets with tents and chairs.  Can also provide a butler and a waitress. Has catered previously for Poplar’s previous owners 

CAUTION. Be careful not to let the caterer’s staff take away our crocks and cutlery!



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